Workshop on
Flexibility and Disorder in Metal–Organic Frameworks

June 3—5 2015, Paris

Workshop presentation

This workshop will cover the aspects of experimental characterization, theoretical foundations and computational modeling of the flexibility and disorder of MOFs, ranging from the modeling of disorder to the enhanced functionality and opportunities for practical application that structural flexibility brings. This being the first focused workshop on this topic, we want to bring expertise, experience and crucially perspective from the many different areas involved. This will lead to discussion, collaboration, innovation and ultimately larger-scale projects looking at the properties and applications of such materials. This workshop gives the scientific community an opportunity to make a first concerted attempt to piece together a complex picture of this new area of research, resulting in multi-scale collaborations and greater cohesion.

To achieve this admittedly very broadly-stated goal, we propose to stimulate the discussion around the following key questions, which represent current blocking points of the field:

Workshop organized
under the auspices of CECAM